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A Celebration of Gin

A Celebration of Gin

World Gin Day is back on Saturday 10 June.

Gin sales have grown 13% in the last year, ahead of spirits such as vodka and rum*, so this global event presents a prime opportunity for outlets to celebrate the love of gin – and drive sales. “The gin category continues to thrive, with the craft and heritage of brands becoming increasingly important to consumer decisions in a category worth £600m* to the on-trade,” said Faith Holland, GB’s head of on-trade category development, Diageo.

What is it?
World Gin Day is about encouraging people around the globe to enjoy a gin – in a cocktail, G&T or even neat! Many events are held in outlets and venues, as well as bucket loads of gin promotions, and this year it is expected to be bigger and better than ever before.

How to celebrate
Resources and size of your outlet will dictate what you can do. However big or small your contribution, doing something will draw in customers. Last year, gin festivals dominated the country, and outlets joined in with parties, special gin menus, masterclasses and tastings. The Plough on the Moor, in Manchester even turned its terrace into a quintessential English gin garden with decking, parasols and deck chair. What about creating a ‘gin weekend’ event beginning on the Friday.

What you can doGin Facts - 2017
• Create a gin menu – grouped by botanicals and country, to demonstrate the diversity of the drink
• Hold a series of tasting sessions
• Have a ‘Gin O’Clock’ offer and associated promotions
• Create a Sloe Gin Dessert – goes great with ice cream

Shout about it
Make sure everyone knows what you are planning for the event – including any offers you are running. Promote your event on your social media pages including #WorldGinDay well in advance and make a member of staff responsible for posting pictures and updates on the day and afterwards – great publicity will continue to draw in customers once the event is over.

What to stock
Customers look for brands they recognise, which in turn can offer them variety. “Operators should stock a range of gins from best-selling brands,” said Faith Holland. “Customers are also always looking for variety and with Gordon’s new flavours range, customers can try something new while still having the security of ordering a brand they know and love.” Premium gins, such as Tanqueray are popular with customers. “As a general rule, we suggest three; one for pouring, one for an upsell and one for a choice (different),” adds Faith.

Quality presentationG&T in Slimjim
Presentation is key – especially on your premium serves. Quality spirits deserve quality presentation. Make sure you serve in the correct glassware; large balloon and highball glasses, as well as heavy bottomed tumblers are essential. Drinkers like to hear the clink of fresh ice cubes – they don’t appreciate half melted offerings that dilute both the taste and drinking pleasure. And, eye-catching garnishes add premium to any drink – lemon, lime and orange zest are core favourites, however don’t forget mint, cucumber and black and pink peppercorns too. Edible flowers are becoming more popular as a garnish to help bring the drink to life.

  • Gin sales have grown 13% in the last year
  • Gin & tonic is the most popular gin based cocktail in the world

A young spirit
Gone are the days when ‘mother’s ruin’ was just drunk by the older generation. According to Mintel, 48% of Britons aged 18-34 drank gin in the past 12 months compared with 32% of 35-44 year olds and 24% of 45-64 year olds. Therefore, make sure that your gin offer – premium gins especially – appeals to the younger market.

On-trend flavours
Unique and on-trend flavours, such as elderflower are becoming hugely popular with consumers – especially during the warmer months. They make a great base for cocktails; and are an easy way for publicans to add an extra, unique twist to their drinks list.

Conscious cocktails
Health conscious cocktails made with the finest premium spirits and superior ingredients are shaking up the on-trade as Millennials opt for sin-free satisfaction. 27% of cocktail drinkers currently purchase a health conscious cocktail at least once a month* so make sure you have a varied selection of drinks that contain florals and infusions, nut milks, raw ingredients, lower calorie and juices to satisfy the younger generations health conscious lifestyle.

Mix it up
The days of hosing draught tonic onto a gin are long gone. Now, the taste of individual gin is driven by the botanicals added during the distillation process and brands like Britvic and Schweppes recognise this and offer mixers that are designed to complement the botanicals within different gins. Think tonics with added zest or elderflower as examples, as well as dry ginger ales and bitter lemons. Make sure you have a range on display – and have gin and mixer recommendations in your gin menu!

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*Sources: GB CGA on-trade report 5/11/2016, December 2016 UK White Spirits and RTDs report, Beefeater Drinks Strategy FY16

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