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A Heavenly Bowl

A bowl of soup is one of life’s simple pleasures. Warm, hearty and yummy, it’s one dish that’s guaranteed to create a feel-good factor.

Whether you make it from scratch or use a trusted supplier, customers want that homemade taste. And done well, soup can be an integral part of your menu so it should be given the same care and attention as other dishes.

Soup - Take Stock

How it’s done
Nincomsoup at Old Street Station in London is a hidden gem serving soups with flavours from all over the world, from 10am daily. It has over 80 different soup recipes and each day it offers at least seven choices, advising customers to follow it on Twitter or go on its website for the daily update! Each day there’s a poultry, meat, fish, cheese, pulse, vegetarian and vegan option. They include: sweet potato coconut chicken, cincinnati chilli, Russian fish stew, five onion cheddar, Tuscan bean, curried parsnip and gazpacho. And if that isn’t enough, they offer inventive companions in addition to bread, including tortilla chips, a roasted seed mix and cornbread. They also offer small or large portions of soup as well as eat in and take out prices.

Raise your dough
There is no denying that a bowl of soup deserves an equally delicious bread accompaniment, and the addition of bread can help drive sales. “The growing interest in artisanal baked products; breads from around the world and the re-emergence of ancient grains incorporated into hand-crafted loaves, highlights a strengthening trend; the importance of provenance and the valued use of premium quality ingredients to create nutritious foods,” said Stuart Jackson, director of sales at Pan’Artisan Ltd. “With such interest and demand from consumers, it’s a given that a bread selection should be included on a menu.”

Soup - Take Stock

A helping hand
Ready-made soups help busy chefs deliver the taste of homemade, high-quality soups with minimal effort. Not only do they provide consistency and quality, they save time, help take the strain off a busy kitchen and keep waste to a minimum. And thanks to the huge range of authentic global flavours and traditional favourites now available, there are soups to cater for every taste.

Top tips
• Use fresh ingredients – not leftovers
• Taste and season before serving – there’s nothing worse than a bland soup
• Use savoury scones as a change from bread

Soups to serve
• French onion
• Spiced parsnip & honey
• Tomato
• Root vegetable
• Creamy chicken
• Minestrone
• Roasted carrot & pumpkin

Soup - Take Stock

Shout about it!
Have point of sale to promote your soups. Making customers aware that you sell soup and the flavours you have, will make a huge difference to your sales and encourage undecided customers too! From soup of the day posters, to a soup menu on social media or in-house, make sure your soup gets noticed! And don’t forget to update soup availability on social media if one runs out.

The care sector
Soup is a great meal choice when it comes to those in the care sector. Hospitals and care homes have to abide by strict guidelines to ensure patients and residents receive a nutritious – and tasty – diet and soup achieves this. It’s also an ‘easy’ meal to digest, which is perfect for residents living with dysphagia.

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