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A Rising Trend

A Rising Trend

Bread plays an important role on all menus. White sliced or seeded cobs may still be a customer winner, but using your loaf and including artisan breads will make your offer more interesting and create a premium feel to your outlet.

“The proliferation of small artisan bakeries and the popularity of ‘ethnic’ and world bakery produce, along with the surge in demand for healthier and allergy considerate bakery produce has benefitted the market,” said Richard Jansen, managing director at Pan’Artisan. “The rise in all day dining and food-to-go outlets points to a more optimistic picture, with demand for premium and innovative bakery items continuing to soar.”

What’s trending?

Continental and ethnic breads are trending, with the speciality bread and bakery sector flourishing as today’s consumers seek more choice, are more adventurous in what they will try and are generally more educated in terms of provenance, quality ingredients and authenticity. Make your bread offer adaptable so that it can be served at breakfast or teatime, part of a sharing platter, for dips or as an accompaniment to a meal.

What to serve?

  • Flavoured bread sticks – perfect for a pre-dinner snack or for a sharing dish
  • Rustic bread with bell peppers – great as a carrier or used with dips
  • Multi cereal bread sticks – an unusual breakfast bread or snack
  • Mini raisin bread sticks – naturally sweet and a healthier alternative to cakes or patisserie
  • Rye bread – good for a bacon butty or an open sandwich with seafood or smoked fish, or halloumi with avocado
  • Ciabatta – multiple uses such as dipping, for sandwiches using Italian meats, cheese and tomatoes, or toast and serve as a panini
  • Cheese and onion bread – the distinctive flavour makes it a great accompaniment to soup or add character to sandwich fillings
  • Sourdough – light on the inside with a crisp crust, it complements many dishes from meats, poultry and eggs, to soups and stews
  • Olive & pumpkin seed loaf – the original tear and share bread perfect as a stand alone starter or sharing one served with olive oil or butter

Bread matches

Sweet potato tortilla bread – ceviche

Cheese bread – shellfish

Sourdough – toast, sandwiches & soup

Pan amasado – seafood, salsa & meat


“We love using sourdough because of its acidic, sweet taste, crust, chew and health benefits associated with it,” said Claudia Escobar, head chef @justlovefood in Leith, Scotland.

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