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A Slice of the action

A Slice of the Action

Pizza is one of the most popular foods ordered in British restaurants with Brits spending an average £4.4bn* on the Italian cuisine each year.

“The beauty of pizza is that it’s not only versatile working across a range of dining occasions from main menus and on-the-go, to takeaway, but it also has wide appeal with consumers,” said Emma Haworth, senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker Professional. “It’s a popular dish with adults, as well as the go-to option for parents when eating out with kids which means outlets that introduce pizza could get a slice of the 3.18 billion family eating out visits that take place every year.”

A dish to suit all seasons, it’s time your outlet had a slice of the action…

Quick and easy

Pizzas are easy to make and a great-tasting option for your menu. Buying ready-made pizza dough and adding your own toppings will save time in the kitchen. Dr. Oetker Professional’s Fresh Dough Pizza Base has been developed to rise in the oven and deliver a freshly baked, authentic crust in just three minutes. This way, operators can offer freshly baked pizzas made to order, without the headache and wastage of dough pucks and the expense of special equipment. It also guarantees a consistent great tasting result every time – no matter the level of skill in the kitchen.

Raise your dough

With volume sales of pizza rising, putting pizza on your menu can increase your margins – especially if you have add-ons. Why not offer dough balls and garlic bread as a starter or side? Wedges and curly fries are also popular – especially if children are dining. Salad or corn on the cob is a popular choice too. During quieter times why not put an offer on sides to encourage customers to add to their pizza order such as 2FOR1 or a 50% discount?

Top toppings

Classic pizzas will always be core for menus, from the simply delicious margherita to a meaty pepperoni,” said Emma Haworth, senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker Professional. “However, as demand for pizza continues to grow and consumers become more adventurous in their taste, chefs and caterers have the opportunity to get creative and tap into the latest food trends. The great thing about pizza is that it works with a huge variety of different toppings – the only limit is your imagination.”

  • BBQ – Beef brisket or pulled pork with a drizzle of BBQ sauce and smoked cheese for an Americana pizza.Dr. Oetekr pizza
  • Spice – Asian flavours have exploded onto the mainstream market. Try Thai or Indian inspired toppings especially with chicken – this will appeal to customers looking to reduce red meat consumption.
  • Breakfast – with more people eating breakfast on-the-go or choosing to make it an occasion by having brunch, a ‘Breakfast Pizza’ is a great addition to an all-day menu working brilliantly with eggs, sausage, bacon and mushrooms.
  • Vegetarian – the popularity and profitability of vegetarian pizzas shouldn’t be underestimated. Work with local produce that’s in season and look to a range of different cuisines for flavour inspiration.
  • Middle East and North African flavours are a growing trend – try adding spicy harissa paste to liven up meat and vegetable based toppings.
  • Dessert – consumers are willing to be more indulgent when they are treating themselves out of home and having a dessert pizza is a key trend, growing in popularity as consumers look for exciting alternatives to traditional puddings. Experiment with your toppings – chocolate, summer fruits, salted caramel or ice cream – anything works! Perfect as a stand alone or sharing dessert.  

Little ‘uns

“Today’s pupils are sophisticated in their tastes and secondary schools also have the added headache of competing with the high street – this means meals really need to excite pupils to ensure they don’t opt for a lunchbox or go off site,” added Emma Haworth. “Caterers need a happy medium where dishes not only comply with the School Food Standards but also reflect what children enjoy eating at home – and pizza remains a firm favourite.” The Balanced Choice pizza from Chicago Town complies with nutritional guidelines. Its cheese pizza is made with a unique raw dough base – rather than pre-cooked – to help schools deliver that legendary ‘takeaway’ taste pupils will love; it takes six minutes to cook from frozen.

Promoting pizza!

  • From ‘Pizza and Prosecco’ to beating the clock, include a range of promotions to boost trade (especially during quieter times).
  • Toppings of the day – have a special topping for each day as well as your regular menu options. This will generate more interest for customers and provide a talking point. 
  • Pizza to go – providing a takeaway option means customers are more likely to order a full pizza for themselves, rather than share. It will also appeal to families who don’t want to stay and eat.
  • Call one in – if you don’t have the means to produce pizzas then why not hire a pizza van on busy days like bank holidays or during a sporting weekend? Alternatively, create an Italian themed evening in your outlet.

A healthier choice

For those customers sticking to a healthy diet, it is still possible to indulge in a pizza. Keep the base thin if you are creating your own handmade versions.  Pan’Artisan’s range is a good option; its pizza bases are hand-finished and made using the finest quality ingredients containing less than 1% salt, and no GM products, artificial flavours or preservatives. Load up on veggie toppings such as onions, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli and stick to mozzarella as it has slightly less fat than other types of cheese – or even offer a customer a cheese-less pizza? If you can, offer them a smaller size pizza (perhaps a child’s portion) or a pizza and salad deal too?

Sources: Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association, Horizons March 2017 *IRI Value Sales w/e 25th March 2017, NPD Group

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