Kuehne June 2019

A Snacking Nation

According to research by NPD Group, out of home snacking increased by 11% in the past year, and with over 31%* of all sharing snacks being sold between October to Christmas, now is the time to stock up on snacks.

Why snacks work at Christmas

• Increased number of customers coming through your door.
• A diverse age range of customers with different tastes.
• Flexible and out of hours dining opportunities.
• Food that fits in with customers drinking alcohol for longer periods.

A new nut

The humble bag of nuts has become a key player in the snacking sector. Gone are the days where offering just salted or roasted nuts was enough as, today, consumers are looking for healthy yet innovative products to snack on. Give customers plenty of choice when they visit and stock up on a range of different nuts and flavour combinations, from simple and salty to hot and spicy. Mr Filbert’s Moroccan Spiced Almonds are a good contender. Californian almonds, roasted to perfection and then tumbled in chipotle chillies, garlic, honey and cool mint, to produce a Moroccan harissa inspired hot snack.

“Nuts enjoy a huge spike in sales at Christmas driven by consumers buying large bags to share with friends & family,” says Adam Gibbons, business account manager at KP Snacks.

Keep it healthy

Christmas may be the season when it’s acceptable to be gluttonous, but not everyone wants to be the same size as Santa come the new year. Therefore, be mindful that some customers will be looking for tasty snacks that have some health benefits; and also take into account your vegan and vegetarian customers, plus, of course, younger customers. Plant-based snacks such as nuts, seeds and pulses tick the healthy box, as do fruit and nut combinations. Tayto’s Pure Bite popped rice clusters, nut clusters and crunchy coconut clusters are free from dairy, gluten and preservatives and Golden Wonder’s Light and Loaded deliver all the taste but with half the fat in mainstream flavours. The KP Snacks range now has 29 products that are under 100 calories per pack, including POM-BEAR, Space Raiders and Skips.

A festive twist

Offering honey roast peanuts help bring that festive feel to the bar, but why not also have something different and fun as an alternative bar snack this Christmas? Use cereal to make some tasty treats, such as Snowmen Treats and Red-Nosed Reindeers.

A beer pairing

According to McCain Foodservice Solutions the benefits of operators getting their beer and snack matching offering right could potentially earn them a collective £8.1m in incremental sales. Under the name of Brew City, McCain has launched ‘Beermunch’ – a series of hot snacks developed to pair with craft lagers and ales – which would work very well during the festivities. Some of the pairings include: India Pale Ale with IPA fries, jalapeño slices coated in tempura batter served with brown ale, mac and cheese wrapped in a crispy IPA beer batter pairs with Irish stouts and dill pickle fries in a mustard coating provide a big flavour that works well with most craft and premium beers.

• Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Twiglets, Mini Cheddars and Christmas Tree shaped Tortilla chips – so get stocked up!
• Stock up on a variety of flavours for your sharing bags.
• Offer indulgent snacks like Sensations Streetmix & Sensations Poppadoms and Oriental Crackers. They tick the on-trend box for global flavours & allow you to have a premium option.

*Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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