Kenco Cappuccino 10/19

A Spice Sensation

As a nation we have a craving for curry and the popularity of National Curry Week (12-18 Oct), now in its 18th year, only proves our appetite for the Asian cuisine is insatiable. It’s also diversifying and people are now looking beyond chicken tikka and want to explore more authentic Indian dishes and new and different tastes.

“Curries don’t have to be stodgy, heavy dishes, they can be lighter and delicious,” said Anjula Devi, chef on Simply Good Food TV. “For example, I created a dish which used aloo paratha as a delicious alternative to bread in a sandwich and that’s proving really popular. I’m enjoying creating meat-free and seasonal dishes too – one in particular where I used globe artichokes. It is great to use ingredients that many would not think to add spice to. Many chefs are now creating smaller dishes with more ingredients and offering the diners a feast for all the senses.”

Here are two of Anjula’s traditional Indian snack dishes:

Beetroot Curry and Pakora

Feed Your Eyes

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