Schwartz September 2019

A Very Veggie Christmas

Vegetarians and vegans deserve a hearty, well-prepared and scrumptious Christmas feast just like everybody else. Take Stock brings you the ultimate Christmas dinner suitable for vegetarians and vegans that will wow your customers and have them wanting to book again before the first cracker has been pulled!

“Vegetarians and vegans want to feel valued and welcomed, as well as catered for,” said Karin Ridgers from VeggieVision. “And as vegetarians – particularly vegans – are often the decision maker in a group when eating out, if a restaurant doesn’t cater well for their dietary requirement then they – and their party – will go elsewhere.” Take Stock brings you a selection of recipes to make your vegetarian and vegan Christmas lunch one to remember. Click here for: Beetroot & Horseradish DipChristmas GaletteChestnut & Butter Bean Wellington, GravyFruity Trifle with Cashew Cream and Christmas Cake.

Points to consider

• Vegans are loyal customers – they love food and share photos on social media – do a great job at Christmas and you’ll keep their custom all year round!
• Advertise your menu – vegans have the same money to spend as everybody else and are prepared to travel for good food
• Have a specials menu for vegan and vegetarian
• Some foods can be easily swapped, for example vegan mince, sausages and chicken!
• Be inventive and not lazy – most vegans eat fruit everyday but they don’t want to see it as a starter or dessert on your menu
• Don’t be nervous – making vegan and vegetarian food is easier than making a meat dish thanks to vegetables being full of flavour
• Use more flavours and find out about alternatives to cheese, mayo, cream and yoghurt rather than just leaving them out!
Source: Juliette Bryant


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