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A World of Ale

With St Patrick’s Day (17 March) and St George’s Day (23 April) both seen as profitable events for the industry, we asked Diageo, HEINEKEN and Molson Coors to give us their insight into what’s happening in the real and craft ale scene, and what are the best beers to sell for these events.

An exciting opportunityWorld Ale article factoids - Take Stock Magazine
“Modern craft represents a huge opportunity, as data from CGA shows licensees can charge 26% more per pint compared to mainstream premium lager,” says Sam Fielding, new beer brands director at HEINEKEN. “But, it’s astonishing to find that according to Kantar, 75% of beer drinkers still haven’t actually tried craft!”

Forthcoming trends
“Although the US is still leading the way when it comes to trends; the beer industry will increasingly look towards more traditional styles of beer over the coming year,” explains James Nicholls, senior brand manager at Sharp’s Brewery. “What’s more, hops are now in such high demand that farmers are struggling to keep up with supply, which could mean that as an industry we will start to rely more on malt driven beers. This switch could be fantastic for UK brewers, as most brew malt-based beers, creating a huge opportunity for growth.”

A big success
“Consumer excitement for products created with craftsmanship and character has brought a new energy into the world of beer and there continues to be an inescapable excitement,” says Diageo’s spokesman Josh Spooner. “The rise of craft continues to be the big success story in alcohol. Consumers are interested in the stories, ingredients and provenance of products and this is a trend that we are seeing influence purchasing decisions across alcohol, as well as food and drink. By telling these stories to the consumers, we are fuelling the growth of craft and delivering profit-driving products to operators.”

What’s Hot to Stock

Hop House 13
“Hop House 13 was launched in 2015 and is the fourth innovation from our Brewers Project,” adds Josh Spooner. “Hop House 13 experienced immediate success as the second best-selling world lager in the grocery category and is the most successful LAD (Long Alcoholic Drink) innovation launch in the past three years* with its value doubling in the last year from £28 million to £61 million*. And for the on trade especially this is good news as Hop House 13 volume has grown over 120% in the last 12 months, doubling its volume share of total lager in the process.”

Sharp's Doombar bottles - Take Stock MagazineDoom Bar
“Doom Bar remains the fastest selling cask ale in England and Wales”, says James Nicholls. “And according to CGA research it is also the only amber ale in the UK’s top 10 cask ales which is in growth, with a 2% volume increase year-on-year in 2017.”

Sharp’s AtlanticSharp's Atlantic pale ale tap - Take Stock Magazine
“Sharp’s Atlantic is also rapidly growing, reporting double digit growth in volume (12.1%) over the last 12 months, and it is now number 27 in the top 30 best selling ales in the on trade in England and Wales,” adds James Nicholls. “We’re really excited by that success, and the awards we continue to win for beers across our range!”

Maltsmiths Pilsner style lager - Take Stock MagazineMaltsmiths
“Maltsmiths 4.6% ABV lager has been a fabulous success story for us,” says Sam Fielding. “Our brewers set out to brew top quality, craft inspired beers that are both tasty and refreshing. We launched mid 2017, and are already in 1,250 pubs in the UK and growing!”

GuinnessGuinness brews bottled selection - Take Stock Magazine
“One of the two big winners for us in this sector, alongside Hop House 13,” explains Josh Spooner. “Guinness has seen another successful year with total beer volumes growing 2% (CGA Data). Indeed, Guinness represents 95% of the total stout category, so it’s a must have if licensees are to take care of their stout consumers.”

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