Kuehne June 2019
This Ain't No Yolk

This Ain’t No Yolk

Scotch eggs were created more than 300 years ago as a pocket-sized snack for aristocrats. Now, the humble scotch egg has become one of the nation’s favourite snack foods. Whether you serve it as a sharing starter or with a pint, it’s a must-have for your menu.

“It’s a combination of textures and flavours that works really well,”said Gina Hopkins, head chef at The Drapers Arms in Islington and 2017 winner of the Scotch Egg Challenge. “We stick with traditional flavours and stay clear of anything too unusual, as we believe if you mix it up too much then it’s not a scotch egg.”

Pork and haggis or pork and black pudding are the favourite scotch eggs served at the traditional pub. A permanent fixture on its bar snack menu, and also popular with Sunday diners as a sharing starter, they are cooked to order, and served warm just as they are. “There is no need for garnish with a scotch egg except perhaps a dollop of brown sauce,” said Gina. “We cut them in half so they are easy to eat – especially for those customers who are having them with a pint!”

The Clucking Pig in Grewgrass Lodge, near Saltburn by the Sea in North Yorkshire makes handmade gourmet scotch eggs using high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Here are some of their best-selling varieties of scotch eggs:
• Wild Boar
• Macsween Vegetarian Haggis
• Free Range Pork with Leek
• Rare Breed Pork with a Spanish Mix
• Venison
• Mixed Game
• Wild Rabbit with Black Pudding

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