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All Scream for Ice Cream

On average, each person in the UK eats nine litres of ice cream every year* making it a highly profitable food for operators to sell. And with July being National Ice Cream Month it presents a great opportunity to offer customers something special – and drive profits at the same time.

The appeal
Ice cream parlours are one of a handful of growing sectors – with a 20% increase in outlets during 2017. One of the best things about ice cream is how versatile it can be – from a bowl of vanilla, to an ice cream sandwich, to a waffle cone bursting with colour and flavour – there’s an ice cream for everyone!

When you’re choosing your ice cream there are thousands of flavours to look at. According to research by Kerry, the fastest growing flavours in Europe include elderflower, honeycomb and prosecco and many customers will be looking for something new to try. However don’t neglect the old favourites – vanilla is still the best-selling flavour in the UK followed by chocolate*.

Whether it’s ice cream with a healthy added ingredient, like probiotics or sustainably sourced vanilla, or something that tastes great but is lower in calories like refreshing fruit sorbet, it’s a good idea to have a healthier alternative on your menu. Sorbet is usually vegan and gluten free too.

Make it premium
Premium ice cream is a trend that is worth cashing in on. In their research, Kerry found: “Consumers view ice cream as an indulgence – and they want it to taste and feel like one.” So for a relatively low cost, you can make a bowl of ice cream into something really special by adding finishing touches like chocolate pieces, or by creating layers of flavours and toppings. Choose high-quality ice cream and ingredients and offer waffle cones instead of the traditional wafer cone for a premium feel.

Good enough to share
Make your ice cream offering so special that customers will want to share pictures of it on social media. If you have space, tubs of delicious, colourful flavours at the front of your outlet really draw people in. The Sea Shanty Cafe in Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, is using this to their advantage, by finishing their ice cream cones off with a wafer with their name on, so when pictures of their delicious creations are shared on Instagram, everyone who sees it knows where to head for a treat of their own.

Other ways to serve
Ice cream is extremely versatile – and the best news is it appeals to both young and old! To make stand-out milkshakes simply blend ice cream with milk and add an extra flavour, fruit or chocolate or anything you think your customers will enjoy. Gelato is currently very popular – it’s a low-fat version of ice cream made with more milk and less cream. For a sharing experience, why not offer two-spoon sundaes? Make them on-trend by filling a waffle with all the yumminess rather than a dish, and add popular toppings like Oreo cookies.

What’s new for 2019
Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria – this lighter version of the classic has all the chunks and swirls customers love, with half of the calories. Available in Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix each contains only 132 & 128 calories per 100ml .

Magnum Vegan Classic – a dairy free ice cream with cream flavour, it’s a balanced plant-based ice cream covered in a dairy free chocolate with coconut oil. With over 3.5m vegans in Britain, this is a must have.

Kinder Ice Cream Stick – made with 40% fresh whole milk, it has been designed with care and attention, giving you that unique Kinder chocolate
taste and delicious simplicity.

Nuii – inspired by discoveries from journeys around the world, Nuii has crafted the finest ingredient combinations for a surprising twist; always using the creamiest dairy. Options include Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia, Almond & Java Vanilla and Nuii Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint.

Skittles – strawberry ice cream with Skittles pieces wrapped in a refreshing
strawberry sorbet coating. The number one sugar confectionery brand in an ice cream.

Kelly’s of Cornwall – three new flavours have been launched: Cherry Bakewell, Pistachio and Mixed Berry Sorbet (all suitable for vegetarians) available in 4.5 Ltr.
Source: Eden Farm

Ice cream around the world

• Argentina’s most popular flavour is dulce de leche with chocolate chips, followed by banana split and chocolate with almonds.
• Southeast Asia’s Thai rolled ice cream has made its way to the UK. The creamy mixture is poured on to a -30°C metal plate, toppings are added and
the mix is chopped and spread into paste using two spatulas. It is scraped up into small, cigar-shaped rolls and served in a pot.
• India’s Kulfi is a dense and creamy ice cream served on a stick and topped with pistachios.

View the recipe: Honeycomb Ice Cream

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