Schwartz September 2019

Food Art

Many restaurateurs sit back and relax once they have their food offering right, a happy smiley team and an extensive bar. But others strive to create an experience and keep diners entertained.

There are a number of ways that restaurants can become more than just somewhere to eat, especially in terms of art, landscaping and experiences. From fish tanks that are a great attraction for children, to million pound art installations that attract art lovers, there are hundreds of ways that restaurants draw the eye and in turn, custom. At the top end, you have places like the inspirational trendy London restaurant The Tramshed. The newly renovated space is now home to two very unusual guests.

Artist Damien Hirst, renowned for exploring the ‘unacceptable idea’ of death through his artwork, has created a stunning focal point for the restaurant. His piece, entitled the ‘Cock and Bull’, features a cockerel and Hereford cow preserved in a glass and painted stainless steel tank of formaldehyde.
Especially created for the restaurant to coincide with the limited menu offering of chicken and steak, it is not for the faint-hearted but has certainly been making waves in the art world.

Moving from inside to out, The Fish House at High Street in Chilgrove is the very picture of stylish indulgence with extensively landscaped gardens and an elegant restaurant. The gardens can seat over 100 people and they feature a vintage Citroen ‘H’ Van which has been turned into an outdoor bar. The gardens and terrace offer a variety of settings to relax or party, making it the perfect summer and wedding venue.

One lady who knows all about getting design just right is Felicity Ball. She is a mosaic artist whose work graces the walls of Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Bristol. When talking to Take Stock she commented that the versatility of mosaics is one reason why they are a great addition to a restaurant.

By customising the pieces, she captures the spirit of the space and incorporates their dishes into her creations. Felicity says: “Mosaics make a stunning statement to any restaurant as they are vibrant and versatile, and create real talking pieces. They can really add to the theme of a restaurant too as there are fish mosaics now hanging in Fishers’ restaurants.”

To find out how art can add an extra offering to your venue read our features on finding your inner artist and great bus-cuit-ness sense.

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