Schwartz September 2019


Rational have built up a tremendous reputation across Europe, and now they’re here in the UK with their brand new ‘SelfCookingCenter’ – a combi oven for the 21st century.

Claimed to be a ‘quantum leap forward’ in terms of efficiency, output and cooking quality, the ‘SelfCookingCenter’ ‘whitefficiency’ combines two new technologies with Rational’s established self-cooking functionality. These changes, plus an entirely new control panel, deliver a combi that is faster, more efficient, easier to use and more sustainable. In use, the new ‘HiDensityControl’ controls the unit’s fan to channel heat and humidity to where it is needed and a new dehumidification process and steam control guarantees maximum steam saturation.

And the ‘EfficientLevelControl’ is something chefs will appreciate. One Cooking Centre owner we spoke to told us: “I know of no other oven where I can have roast chicken, eel, brownies and patisserie all on the go at the same time. I love it!”

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