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Bank the Business


May offers operators two great opportunities to cash in on extra trade thanks to its bank holiday weekends on the 2nd and 30th. Bank holiday weekends are a huge treat for many customers. They have become synonymous with days out with friends and family, eating, drinking and enjoying fun times.

Fizz it up

The love affair with Prosecco seems to be never ending! A sure seller – especially among ladies – why not encourage sales by creating an offer around half price bottles when ordered with lunch. Or, 2FOR1 glasses of Prosecco during the normal quieter hours between 3-5pm that will not only draw in custom, but will encourage them to stay once the offers have ended.

Pitch perfect

A group of friends meeting for the afternoon or evening are there to enjoy each other’s company – not queue. They want to be able to enjoy a drink without the hassle of waiting to order. Therefore, pitchers of Pimm’s and cocktails are great alternatives to the usual bottle of wine or pint of beer. Not only will they be bought in quantity, for ease and value they will continue to be ordered – especially if the sun is shining and customers are sat outside. Make sure your bar or table waiting staff are keeping an eye on the pitcher and when it is three-quarters empty ask the customer if they want another one brought to them?


Beer buckets

Apply the same theory to beer buckets as to pitchers! Groups drinking bottled beer won’t want to spend time repeatedly visiting the bar. Offering a beer bucket not only makes it easier for the customer, they’ll buy more without realising, and the attentive service by staff will leave a lasting impression – and encourage repeat visits.

Quick and easy

A varied customer profile will flow through your outlet during the bank holidays; singles, young families and older people will all be looking for the same type of food: quick and easy solutions that satisfy the appetite. Cheesy nachos are a great starter option. Simple for the kitchen to prepare, they achieve a great margin as they are a super sharing platter for adults and children.

Chilli, lasagne or cheese pie can be made in large batches and cut to size for a reduced portion – useful if you don’t have a children’s menu – and offer chips or wedges on the side. Perfect for a pub, cafe or snack bar to prepare.

Fish, premium chicken and pulled pork dishes are current consumer favourites according to Premier Foods new Insights & Trends Guide. The research offers chefs recipes to help ignite menus and keep them right on the money.

“We hear about growing macro trends such as ‘trash to table’ and ‘optimised eating’, but we were keen to find out what people really wanted to see on UK menus,” says Sarah Robb, channel marketing manager at Premier Foods. “We were surprised to discover that diners really want to see more fish on the menu – whether it’s a more indulgent battered fish and chips or a lighter fish dish as a healthier alternative; it is such a versatile ingredient.”

Drinking up

Not all customers over the bank holiday will be drinking alcohol – especially those who are planning to visit a snack bar or cafe. Customers eating lunch out-ofhome tend to avoid alcohol, so will be looking for more sophisticated beverages. As a result, premium soft drinks are set to become a more important option, according to Britvic’s latest soft drinks review. So stock up on bottled soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled water (read our feature on page 49), and make sure they are always well chilled.

Since the age of your consumers will vary, it is important to cater for all – make sure your outlet stocks an extensive range of soft drinks which covers all the major categories including carbonates, juices and mixers. For additional revenue consider milkshakes, smoothies or even ice cream sodas. Don’t forget to
also provide a range of hot beverages including coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Make sure you also have a stock of low and non-alcoholic beers. Or create a Mocktail list for the teenagers who want something a little bit grown-up and special.

Developing offers

A free bowl of chips when two kids’ meals are ordered, a free bowl of ice cream with every kid’s meal, or a free pint of lager and a glass of wine – or for those with no licence a soft drink offer – with every main meal are all great offers to encourage customers to visit your outlet. To help with orders, and keep custom flowing throughout the day, how about saying that children under five (have a maximum number per family) eat free between 2-4pm or offer unlimited fill-ups on certain soft drinks.

Chilli 3 ways

Versatile, tasty and easy to prepare, chilli makes a great dish. Here are our three ideas:

  • Chilli Nachos for sharing
  • Chilli Jackets for light bites
  • Chilli with Rice for a fuller dish

chilli nachos

Find the Roasted Pepper, Olive and Cannellini Bean Salad with Homepride Tomato & Basil Dressing here

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