Kuehne June 2019
magicvapor maxi batistella

NEW IRONAGE – Magicvapor Maxi Review

Crumpled clothes hastily grabbed from a bundle of clean laundry will send out all the wrong messages, but well-pressed uniforms and kitchen whites give the air of calm and confidence you want to convey.

And advancements in the steamy world of ironing mean useful space need not be permanently devoted to a rickety old ironing board that never gets put away.

From the land of crisp, sharp fashion, Italian commercial manufacturers Batistella offer their Magicvapor Maxi as the solution to many laundry woes.

It’s a heated vacuum board which comes with its own five litre boiler to provide approximately four hours of non-stop ironing. But perhaps the real beauty of this industrialgrade system is that when the smoothing is done, both the top board and bottom shelf fold flat against it’s sturdy four legs to pack neatly away into a corner – Bellissimo!

More info at www.ironingsupplies.co.uk.

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