Schwartz September 2019

Beer Gets Crafty

The growing thirst for craft beers is unquenchable.

Craft beer is seeing the most rapid growth of any alcohol category in the UK. Sales rose by 8% last year to an estimated 1.55 million barrels, according to a new report from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). And the latest report from Mintel has found that a staggering 13 million Brits have consumed a craft beer in the past six months. With more micro breweries emerging, the trend is seeing businesses getting on board and choosing to stock independent craft beers.


The rise of the craft beer has been inspired by customers wanting more than mainstream lagers and America’s craft-brewing renaissance. “Consumers are searching out new and unusual flavours and are increasingly interested in authenticity, which in the world of beer means brewed locally or using traditional methods or ingredients,” explains Paul Charity of Propel.

Cash in

The good news is that customers are prepared to pay a premium for craft beers. Mintel found that over a third of beer drinkers thought craft beers were worth paying more for. And if you haven’t got the bar space, why not stock craft beers in a vending machine like The Fox pub in Hackney, London.


Craft beers are associated with embracing food, music and passion, so organising a mini-festival could pull in the punters and the profits. Tony Halstead, beer expert and writer explains, “There is a now a wealth of choice and variety of real ales available which has, in turn, fuelled a huge growth in beer festivals which play a crucial role in profiling and marketing the micro industry.” Bank holidays are always a winner, or coincide with the world famous German Ocktoberfest on September 20.

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