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Top Scoring Beers

After a few years where Britannia ruled thanks to the Olympics, Jubilee, Royal births and weddings, in 2014 all eyes will be on Brazil and the World Cup.

Whilst everyone is gearing up to welcome the ‘samba soccer effect’, without doubt it will make the biggest impact in the UK on soccer’s second home – the pub.

The British Beer & Pub Association predicts the profit value of the World Cup to British beer and pubs will be £50 million. During the last World Cup 2.2 billion pints were served in British pubs so there are high hopes for this one – especially as all matches will be screened in the UK in the evening due to the time difference.

So, while your customers cheer on Roy’s boys, why not offer a World Cup promotion by selling speciality beers from competing nations? To help you kick off, here are Take Stock’s top scorers.

Our Top Scorers

Our home team: England
Thwaites Brewery has produced an ale called the Magic Sponge specifically for the World Cup. The beer references the mysterious injury-healing powers of a football trainer’s water-soaked sponge. The beer comes with an innovative ‘sponge’ pumpclip which can be used to mop up spilled beer during a celebratory goal, or wipe the tears away after the dreaded penalty shootouts.

The home team: Brazil
The home team’s only stout beer is Caracu. Produced by official tournament sponsors AB InBev, Caracu’s strong brand personality reflects an extraordinary beer, with a full-bodied flavour and a hypnotizing roasted malt aroma. Caracu has a unique characteristic within the beer market: the liquid is not fully filtered and contains yeast. It is not uncommon to see consumers mixing the beer with eggs in the morning for an energy boost to start the day.

Style setter: Italy
Once known as the staple beer of the Italian restaurant, Peroni is now a leading global style-driven beer. It became the fastest-growing global beer brand in terms of value and volume in 2013. Sales are up year on year (39% in the UK), and the brand still maintains its premium price.

Hola Golas: Spain
When it comes to Spain and beer it has to be the iconic San Miguel – guaranteed to score every time. This pilsner style lager, golden in colour, sparkling with a generous white creamy head will transport your customers to the beaches of España in no time! Gola!

Bavarian brew: Germany
No less than half a millennium of brewing history has made AB InBev’s Löwenbräu a large brand with an international reputation. Despite its global presence across five continents, Löwenbräu has always preserved its traditional Bavarian roots, perfectly uniting worldwide presence and local identity.

Taste Tango: Argentina
With almost 80% of the Argentine market, Cerveza Quilmes is the most popular Argentine beer. It has become a national symbol as it sponsors the national football team and its label is the country’s team colours: light blue and white.

Go Green: Uruguay
Not an obvious country to turn to when it comes to beer. However, if you can get your hands on some Zillertal then this light, tasty beer in its distinctive green bottle could be a game-changer for your football fans, especially at 5.5% ABV!

Gallic Mix: France
The land of wine and champagne is also home to Desperados, a famous tequila flavoured beer! Very popular all over Europe, the sweet beer may sound Mexican but it is produced by Brasserie Fischer in France.

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