Brillo Cleaning Guide 10/19

Special Delivery Service

It’s not just Postman Pat who is renowned for special deliveries in his iconic red van.

Many establishments are investing in delivery services and doing so in bespoke delivery van, be that classic vintage ones or branded modern ones. If you need a delivery vehicle, it can pay dividends to invest in a quirky, unique one.

Delivery vans: a multitude of uses

Whether it’s offering your food as a takeout option with you delivering it to customers or taking food out to sell from your van, vehicles can generate valuable extra income. Coffee vans have become increasingly popular – everything you need to make hot drinks is inside the van and you can just pull up at your chosen location and start selling. Ice cream vans are also coming back in to fashion. One company has a vintage ice cream van that they hire out for weddings, parties, festivals, fetes and fayres. Fully stocked with delicious luxury ice cream, sorbets and retro ice lollies, the company also tailors its offering according to the season and has cocktails and Pimms in summer
and hot chocolate and other winter warmers in winter.

Street food

With the whole concept of street food becoming popular, you too can embrace it with the help of a bespoke vehicle. Even if you don’t prepare and serve food from the vehicle you can transport already cooked food or dishes to sell.


One of the main advantages of a company vehicle is its branding potential. Effectively branded, a vehicle can really add to your overall image. Rington’s tea company, which delivers nationwide in its iconic black and gold classic vans, is a prime example.

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