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Big Boys Toys: For Coffee Cognoscenti

The Aztecs called coffee the “drink of the Gods”, and it has been part of our culture since the first coffee houses opened in England in 1652. Now ranking equal to tea as the nation’s favourite out of home drink, demand for a quality brew is growing.

So, how do you give your customers the ‘hit’ they crave, without breaking the bank? Take Stock looks at four options:

Basic: The Bolero XL423 is a fully automatic machine, allowing preparation of up to nine different beverages, including Espressos, Cappuccino, Café au Lait and Hot Chocolate. Easily programmed, the Bolero XL takes just nine seconds to prepare each drink and for self-service operations you can get a machine with a coin mechanism.

A removable ventilation housing and auto de-scale mechanism makes the Bolero 423 easy to clean, further enhancing its attractiveness for operations wanting a simple but effective coffee machine.

Better: Also from Bravilor is the Esprecious 21. This advanced but compact Bean to Cup machine is simple to use having a touch screen where you can set the desired drink variety and strength. Equipped with two grinders, a divided bean container and an instant ingredients canister, the Esprecious can produce all the coffee classics at the press of a button. And, a special programme allows you to adjust the range of drinks offered to your specific location.

Being plumbed into a water supply, the Esprecious 21 can handle high volumes – up to 83 Espressos or 240 instant drinks an hour and the separate hot water outlet allows you to offer your customers tea as well!

Best: Want the traditional look? La Spaziale have been bringing Italian style to top hotels, cafés and restaurants for over 15 years and their reputation amongst the Barista set is strong.

La Spaziale’s S5 range of electronic coffee machines all feature automatic dose setting, electronic boiler regulation and refill, and a double pressure gauge for pump pressure control. Available with one to four individual coffee ‘groups’ (dispensers), all machines have a separate hot water outlet, plus steam wand function for making that perfect cappuccino.

A serious piece of kit – but one that will make any front of house look (and smell) like a little bit of Italy!

The Future?

The first commercial espresso machine was manufactured in 1905 and there has been much innovation since then. However, 108 years later, Italian firm Sanremo have got the Barista world buzzing with news of a game changing machine that has five individual boilers and a unique system that weighs each coffee as it is produced, allowing Baristas to really maximise taste, flavour and their creativity.

Dubbed the “Ultimate coffee machine” pricing and further details of the Sanremo Opera are currently a secret – but those who have seen the machine in action say it’s what the coffee world has been waiting for. Watch this space coffee lovers!!

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