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Big Boys Toys

Spice up your catering equipment with grinders of all shapes and sizes. Essential tools for your kitchen, Take Stock milled around and pulled together our favourite few….


Taylor & Colledge’s adjustable vanilla bean grinder is in an innovative format to help you sprinkle vanilla easily, conveniently and fuss-free over your dishes. Ground vanilla beans are perfect for savoury dishes such as vanilla mash, lobster and seafood sauces or to give a twist to a salad dressing. They can also be used as a garnish over bakery desserts and puddings. Available in cases of six, each 12g grinder holds the equivalent of three whole pure bourbon vanilla beans. And now Cooks&Co have Dried Mushroom Grinders – containing dehydrated premium mushrooms with an intense flavour – perfect for pasta dishes, pizzas, soups and sauces. Easy to use, they come in the new packaging format, 6 X 19g.


The Waring Professional Spice Grinder CD409 is ideal for peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, star anise and much more. With its high performance, compact, brushed steel and single speed grinder it has a 70g chopping capacity and is equipped with steel blades. It features a 340ml bowl and an upper housing safety interlock, and comes with three dishwasher safe stainless steel grinding jars with storage lids. It has a UK standard plug fitted, reaches 175W power and a speed of 19,000rpm.


Functional and stylish, the concept herb grinder, by Peugeot Mills and Grinders, is in celebration of the legendary manual Peugeot coffee grinder. Designed to grind all types of fresh herbs, it features a timeless and practical design. Operated by a handle connected to the cutting mechanism, this mill makes it possible to place freshly herbs directly inside the grinder.

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