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Washing up in a busy commercial or industrial kitchen is hard work. Scrubbing grill plates, chargrills, fryer baskets and extraction filters laden with burnt-on carbon and grease isn’t anyone’s number one job! Thankfully, help is at hand.

Decarbonisers are the answer to A K.P’s prayers and suppliers claim the say money too.We spoke to Matt Walkey of decarbonising experts Grime Reaper for the lowdown on this kitchen technology.

How does it work?
“Basically, a decarboniser is a self contained unit that uses a combination of detergents and water heated to 80/85°C to remove dirt and grease from virtually anything you can cook in, or on,” says Matt. “The detergent is safe to use and handle, is non corrosive (even to aluminium), is not caustic, and is safe for disposal to the sewerage system.”

Who can use it?
“Virtually any catering business!” says Matt. “The smallest units can be plumbed in like a dishwasher and self-fill and empty at the touch
of a button. From that base there are different sizes and specifications to suit every client. So, for instance we’ve supplied machines to Marco Pierre White at his new Black Boy Inn, Banbury, the larger Steakhouse Bar & Grill in The Cube, Birmingham and a bespoke solution for foodservice giant Bakkavor. We can always find the best option for a customer!”

Any tips?
“Yes – talk to a specialist,” adds Matt. “They’ll advise you on the best option for your business and tailor a package of machine supply, training, chemical supply and ongoing support that will keep your smile as brilliant as your pots and pans!”

Reasons businesses are going down the decarboniser route:


The units work 24/7 so a busy operation can throw all their dirty kit – pots, pans, oven tops, grill plates, gastronomes, char grills and even nightmare objects like air mesh filters and frying baskets into the unit and go home. Next morning it’s a case of taking the cleaned kit out a quick rinse and hey-presto, the job’s done. No damage; no mess; no-brainer!

Staff morale

There’s nothing more soul destroying than scrubbing away at a dirty pan that just doesn’t seem to be getting any cleaner. Having a decarboniser makes everyone happier – including EHOs who love to see one on a busy site, as they know there is a proper system in place for effective cleaning.


Similar to the price of a commercial dishwasher, they start at around £1650 and even the most expensive and sophisticated automatic machines cost less than £3,500. Renting is most popular, where, for between £70 and £120 a month, you get a machine delivered and installed, your staff trained, a set of PPE included to protect hands etc from the extremely hot water and a supply of chemical. All you then need to do is enjoy the benefits for a month, before re-filling the machine with water and detergent and starting again. Compared to how much businesses spend on cleaning by hand, a busy kitchen could save over £400 a month.

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