Schwartz September 2019

Big Boys Toys: Full Steam Ahead

Combi steamers have become the chef’s best friend. This professional cooking appliance, made popular due to its ease of use, combines the benefits of steam and hot air cooking and is a key feature in any busy kitchen.

Not only does it speed up cooking times, a combi steamer intensifies the flavour of food, gives it an appetising colour and develops the best texture. At the same time, the process maintains a food’s natural vitamin, mineral and nutritional values, meaning it is better for customers – and quicker to prepare!

Combis are sophisticated machines, and over the years combi manufacturers have worked hard to make them easier to operate.

They’re not just suitable for big kitchens: great results, energy savings, retention of nutritional values, versatility and ease of use are as beneficial in smaller sized ones, too.

Rational invented the concept of combi cooking in 1976, and today the company’s continuing development
of its SelfCookingCenter technology has reached a pinnacle in what is recognised as the world’s leading specialist combi steamer, the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency. “The SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency set a new benchmark in combi oven technology,” says Lee Norton, managing director of Rational UK.

“It has a huge impact in three key areas: sustainability, ease of use and food quality. In addition, chefs know they have complete, precise control of the cooking process and perfect results are guaranteed, every time.

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