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Big Boys Toys- Stocking fillers

With the build up to the festive season, followed by the delivery of your Christmas menu and service, there isn’t much time for chefs to really sit back and think about what they want for Christmas (except for it to be over, maybe)!

So, here at Take Stock, we asked our loyal Twitter followers what they’d like in their stocking this year…

Super machine

Ever thought how nice it would be to have one piece of equipment in your kitchen that did just about everything, and then cleaned itself afterwards? Well, it’s totally achievable, thanks to Thermomix. This all-in-one super machine can really help enhance any kitchen with its ability to do anything you might want. The Thermomix weighs, grates, mills, purées, grinds, blends, cooks, boils, simmers, steams, crushes, whisks, emulsifies, kneads, chops and heats.

And once service is finished you can throw in the washing up bowl and it cleans itself. Perfect!

A blending dream

Pacojet is a revolutionary device that elevates ordinary cooking to culinary excellence and enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ deep-frozen foods into ultra-light mousses, naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces or fillings without thawing. Intense flavours, natural colours and vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions.

It spins at 2,000 rpm to ensure food is the smoothest you’ve seen.

Razor sharp

You’ll be razor sharp in the kitchen if you get your hands on a set of Wustof Knives. These precision-forged knives, known for their super sharpness and balance, will make you top dog when it comes to cutting, chopping and slicing. Just watch that pinkie!

Juice boost

Juices can add flavour to anything in your kitchen, but why limit yourself to products that are considered ‘juicy’? The Omega Masticating Juicer and the Vertical Juicer allows you to extract juice from just about anything, enabling you to add more unusual and exciting flavours to your dishes. The machines work at a low speed of 80 rpm, which means heat and oxidation are minimised, resulting in a high enzyme content.

Must have

Something that can cut down on waste, improve hygiene and provide safer storage is a definite must have, that’s why the Vac Pac is a kitchen storage essential. Vac Pac creates airtight pouches that prevent oxidation and the growth of harmful micro-organisms.

It’s the future

The sous vide or water bath is a forward thinking cooking technique. The method of  vacuum-packing food with the sole purpose of poaching the pack in water or steam at a precise temperature for long periods is growing in appeal in commercial and domestic kitchens – especially for breaking down tough cuts of meat or developing intense flavours.

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