Kuehne June 2019


Need a delivery vehicle? Not sure what to invest in? Here ‘Take Stock’ looks at two alternatives that will set you apart from the crowd – and show your care for the environment too!


city fort van

New on British roads, the City Fort Van can stop traffic at 50 paces. A futuristic cabin and bold styling are just part of a package that has real appeal for those doing local deliveries or working within the London Congestion Charging Zone.

Electric powered, the aluminium chassis City Fort has a range of up to 75 miles and is easily recharged from any mains point in around eight hours. Developing 5.4hp the 48v three-phase electric motor gives the City Fort a top speed of nearly 30mph and if you need to operate inside closed spaces, zero emissions mean you can whizz around warehouses to your heart’s content.

The van has a capacity of 3.3 cubic metres – more than enough for many a business. The rectangular rear body shape provides a superb blank canvas for sign writing – this vehicle grabs attention, so you’ll not want to waste the opportunity of telling everyone who you are and what you do!

Whilst not cheap at £24,000 + vat, you’ll be happy that there’s no Road Tax to pay, no Congestion Charges and your purchase is 100% capital gains deductable. Style – and tax benefits – what more can you ask for? Not your cup of tea? Need a longer range or something less expensive? ‘Take Stock’ has the answer!


morris minor

The Morris Minor Van has been a British icon for decades and still grabs attention and smiles when parked up – so you’ll definitely want to boost your business by having beautifully sign-written branding side and rear.

Designed by Alec Issigonis, the van variant first went on sale in 1953 with the option of rubber front wings – something many a delivery driver could do with nowadays! Later variants benefited from a 1098cc engine developing 48hp and carrying capacity was 6cwt in old money, so you’ll not be left behind in traffic, whilst the perfectly adequate brakes encourage a more relaxed driving style.

Specialist garages are dotted around the country, enabling you to purchase a restored version for less than £5000 – and beautiful examples turn up from time to time in auctions. One ‘Take Stock’ spotted recently was this rebuilt 1970 Morris Minor van, complete with a 1275cc engine – sold at Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions for £6,160, whilst Minor Miracles in Devon have a restored example of the same vintage on sale at £6,250.

And once you’ve made your investment you’ll be delighted to find that simple mechanics make servicing a doddle and depreciation is a thing of the past. Indeed, buy wisely and you could easily have an appreciating asset.

Low running costs, bargain insurance rates, Road Fund Licence exempt and a hoot to drive, what are you waiting for? And, at the weekend, you can do a spot of historic vehicle rallying!

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?


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