Kuehne June 2019

Big Boys Toys: What’s Hot for March/ April

We scoured the Hospitality Show at the NEC in Birmingham to bring you what is hot right now…


The SuperFast Thermapen has made it easier than ever to avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen. Available in four colour-coded models, each is printed with a specific food type to allow you to identify quickly which thermometer should be used. Claimed to be faster and more accurate than any other cooking thermometor on the market, the Thermapen takes the guesswork out of cooking, giving a reading in less than three seconds.





Who knew frying could be healthy? Well, thanks to a new oil-free fryer it can be! Caterers looking for a way to serve chips and other fried favourites like onion rings, chicken nuggets or breaded mozzarella – with less oil, now can, thanks to the new LightFry. The oven, available exclusively from JM Posner, cooks using steam, before a stream of hot, dry air gives a crispy surface, making the end results 40%- 60% lower in fat. Asides from the obvious health benefits, LightFry offers cost reduction and reduces safety risks. No need to install a sophisticated kitchen ventilation or a fat separator either, as the LightFry only needs an extraction hood or canopy (kitchen extract duct 2A). With a basket capacity of up to 2.5kg, it can cook 16kg fries per hour, which is comparable to many standard deep fat fryers.



For more information visit www.jmposner.co.uk or call 01923 220805.


Epicurio has made lemon squeezing simple and stylish with it’s individual squeezers (pictured above). Not only is it a perfect tabletop accessory that fits into elegant surroundings, and a must for fine dining, it’s lightweight and durable. The practical and economical squeezer allows your guests to season their food easily, without messy, sticky fingers or unwanted pips. It creates twice as much juice compared to squeezing by hand and the controlled pour stops drips. Perfect to use on a range of food from fish to pancakes, and hot lemon drinks as well. The lemon squeezers can even be engraved with your business name giving them a personal touch. Made using a food safe transparent acrylic, the squeezers are industrial dishwasher safe.



Whip up desire for desserts with the new Amigo automatic cream whipping machine from DCA. Satisfy discerning customers by offering them fresh whipped cream as the perfect complement to their dessert or hot drink. The Amigo delivers a high quality, lowcost solution with no mess or wastage, is extremely user-friendly to operate and simple to clean. DCA is the sole UK business partner of the world-renowned Sanomat, German manufacturers of best in class cream whipping machines. The Amigo is ideally suited for use in restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlours. DCA has a range of machines for all situations.





A time and cost effective heated chocolate sprayer was one of the top ten star products at the Hospitality Show. The hotCHOC LM3 has been launched by KREBS and sprays a mixture of 50% chocolate and 50% cocoa butter at a temperature range of 25°C-35°C/82°F-95°F, and can also be used with different materials and temperatures such as cocoa butters, glaze or other low viscosity materials. Fitted with an insulation sleeve, the 40W power settings and nozzle and piston sizes enable a thin layer of ingredient to be sprayed, with minimum overspray or noise. The purpose built, hand-held, electric sprayer can be used for final coverings, prepping moulds, speckling pralines or adding decoration.



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