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With its unique and mellow flavour, velvety texture and vibrant colour, Black Garlic is providing chefs with a new and inspiring taste.

Not to be confused with its regular garlic counterpart, Black Garlic offers subtle hints of balsamic and rich-molasses flavour mixed with tangy garlic undertones that make this an appealing delicacy.

Black Garlic is produced by ageing a standard garlic bulb through a carefully controlled heating and moisture process for several weeks. The sugars and amino acids react together producing melanoidin – which is responsible for the rich black colour. Boasting twice the antioxidants of regular garlic, it has no additives, is low in fat, rich in natural sugars and leaves no trace of smell or bad breath.

The popularity of Black Garlic can be seen by the fact that it appeared on the Masterchef television programme this year when it was used in two world-class restaurants.

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