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Blue Star Crab

Blue Star Crab

If you are looking for a low fat, nutritious and tasty addition to your menu that lends itself to both hot and cold dishes, getting crabby in the kitchen this spring and summer could help you keep your cool!

Crab meat contains protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals and Blue Star’s pasteurised blue crab meat, which comes in 1lb eco-fresh pouches and is imported into the UK by Gold Foods, is deliciously versatile.

The flavoursome, firm Blue Star crab meat can be used straight from the pouch in salads and sandwiches or in hot dishes such as pastas and risottos. It can also be made into burgers for an unusual take on a menu work horse and in crab pot pies for a taste of summer by the sea.

Blue Star is America’s favourite crab meat. The Florida-based company, which promotes responsible seafood sourcing, produces more than seven million pounds of crab meat annually. It is processed at 12 plants throughout South East Asia. Its eco packaging pouches were introduced in 2003 and have saved more than 866 tons of metal can packaging material.

In 2005, Blue Star began exporting to Europe. The company offers lump meat, claw meat and imperial meat, which is its highest grade crab meat handpicked from the two swimming fins of its largest crab catches. Blue Star crab meat is white and is packaged with the utmost care to avoid breaking the firm, chunks that are ideal for crab cocktails and salads.

For a flavour of holidays to come, why not try this simple crab risotto recipe.

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