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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

For years, health boffins have been banging on about the importance of breakfast, saying it’s the most important meal of the day. Recognising this, Breakfast Week (25-31st Jan) aims to raise the awareness and value of the morning meal.

According to research conducted by Kantar, 104.7m breakfasts a year are eaten outside the home – with 25% of consumers now eating it out at least once a week. Seeing this trend, Today’s Group has been promoting the fact that the rise of breakfast on-the-go presents opportunities for foodservice outlets. This is evidenced by research showing that pubs in particular have capitalised on this trend by opening for breakfast – increasing their share of the breakfast market from 5% to 8.2% in the past two years.

Karen Levy, HGCA campaign manager for Breakfast Week said: “Breakfast Week is an opportunity for the food industry to work together to promote this important meal and benefit the businesses of those operating in this sector. With such a wide variety of foods consumed at breakfast, Breakfast Week is a campaign that a huge range of companies can get involved in.”

Whether you serve a full English, continental or energy packed breakfast bowl, breakfast is big business. Make the most of this opportunity by including and promoting it on your menu. To help you get started, here are a few ideas from Phil Vickery for www.shakeupyourwakeup.com

Breakfast predictions for 2015

According to the Today’s Group the convenience formats for the cereals category will be a big opportunity – whether it’s via on-the-go pots or other formats that capture the ‘convenience eat’. Health will continue to play an important role, especially with kids’ cereal as parents become more health-conscious. And the gluten-free foods market, worth £355m in the UK, is expected to grow to £519m by 2016, driven by brands like Nestle, who have launched a gluten-free range of cereals in foodservice friendly pack sizes.

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