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Breaking Bread

With a huge variety available, use bread to boost your business and see your profits rise.

“There is nothing better than a fine selection of artisan bread rolls,” says Mike Holling, of the Craft Bakers’ Association and judge for the Tiptree World Bread Awards. “Multi-grain or seeded rolls and cobs are the trend at the moment; served with either poppy seed or sesame dressing or just dusted with flour.”

Bread basket
Complimentary bread baskets may be considered old fashioned but they are seen as a welcoming touch of hospitality so may encourage future visits. To cut cost and waste, only serve one on request or ask customers if they would like one once they have placed their order.

Refresh your bread baskets with more than just a plain roll – mix in a variety of flavours like sourdough or a grained loaf served warm with a herby butter. A fun way to incorporate bread into your starters menu is with a bread and dipping oils board. You can be as creative as you like, from simple olive oils and balsamics to tzatziki and spiced tomato relish. If your dips are simple, seasoned breads are a good option, but be careful not to combine too many different flavours.

Ciabatta and toasted panini are still a menu favourite so if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it! But perhaps try different flavours of breads to see if there is any interest. A meal deal always works well with sandwiches or offer a portion of chips for a reduced price.

Best butties
Sandwiches served in a butty shop or in a deli should now blossom beyond the white slice. Sourdough is the new trend with customers wanting to try the different varieties on offer; especially fruit, but you should also offer multi-grain bread containing oat flakes, pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds, and different rolls and cobs. Offer a choice of open sandwiches too as although customers love bread, they may want to go easy on it if they are calorie counting!

Make some dough
Advertising the breads you have on offer will lead to more sales. Have a bread of the week or a bread menu in prime position in your establishment – or outside on a board if possible – so your customers can see and choose the bread they want.

The fastest growing product in the baking industry, it is crucial you have this as an option on your (bread) menu. From baguettes to soft rolls to muffins and wraps, the choice is endless and something you should be offering.

Sundried Tomato & Basil Ciabatta

Great for ‘tear and share’. Mix up your dipping oils and don’t just play it safe with olive oil and balsamic – be experimental

Ciabatta with herbs
Perfect with soup instead of an ordinary roll

Sourdough (whole grain or rye)
Works well with any favourite sandwich filling and can be sliced thick or thin depending on the customer’s preference

Walnut rye bread
Perfect for a classic mature cheddar sandwich or as a mid-morning snack, toasted and oozing with butter

Great for ‘tear and share’, works well dipped in flavoured oils or dips

Onion loaf
Very versatile, it goes well with soups and salads, and ideal for a sandwich

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