Schwartz September 2019
Brew your own

Brew Your Own!

Now you know all about ginger beer, why not brew your own? Take Stock tells you how…

First you need to grow your own Ginger Beer Plant (GBP). Put 2oz of Baker’s or Champagne yeast into a jar and add half a pint of water, two level teaspoons of sugar and two level teaspoons of ground ginger or grated (unpeeled) fresh ginger. Feed your GBP every day for the next seven to 10 days by adding one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of ginger per day and watch the ‘plant’ grow.

After 10 days, strain the mixture through a piece of muslin, getting as much liquid out as possible by twisting (keep the sediment). To the liquid add the juice of two lemons, 500g of granulated sugar and one pint of boiling water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and then make up to one gallon with cold water.

Bottle the ginger beer, filling plastic bottles to about 7cms from the top, and leave for two hours. Cap the bottles.

Check the bottles every day and when they become so hard as to not give when pressed, gently release the gasses created by fermentation and then re-close.

Keep for seven to 10 days before drinking. Ferment slowly by placing in the fridge, but keep checking/releasing gasses. Once opened, drink (chilled) within 24 hours.

And now you can start again. The sediment left when you strained the liquid can be divided in half and put into separate jars. This is the ‘yeast’ starter and you can begin the recipe again. Give a friend the other half of the ‘starter’, and a copy of the recipe!

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