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Brits Potty About Tea

George Orwell claimed that there were no fewer than 11 golden rules when it came to making a cup of tea and as a nation we are incredibly passionate about the brew. Orwell’s methods may now seem too complex or drawn out, but there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your customers receive the best possible cuppa.

  • Tea is sourced from around the world and by blending teas from different countries you create complex tastes. All tea companies create their own blends, so it is important to choose a brand or type of tea that suits your customers.
  • Find a tea that suits your water consistency, for example Yorkshire Tea sell a hard water version of their signature blend. It is worth experimenting before you buy a bulk load of tea.
  • Weak tea is no good to anyone, so use one tea bag for each cup served.
  • Tea always tastes better when made in a pot. In fact, presentation – as we are all told – is sometimes just as important as the actual taste.
  • Milk in before or after? A hotly discussed topic in the world of tea drinkers. You should provide the milk and sugar separately and let your customers decide.

To read George Orwell’s essay on tea click here.

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