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Business Broadband

Ask yourself the following ?

  • Is your broadband too slow for your business needs?
  • Does your broadband slow down at peak times?
  • Are you being charged for your static IP address?
  • Do you have to pay for a security license every year?
  • Do you get business level broadband support?
  • Do you pay extra for Line Rental?
  • Do you have Unlimited calls?

Recent research by TalkTalk Business around which broadband services are being taken by UK businesses has delivered some pretty startling results. Not only are 70% of SMEs still reliant on outdated domestic broadband connections but it is estimated that this costs £751m in wasted time per month with 8.4m staff hours lost each month as a result!

Research found that 70% of SMEs surveyed found their domestic broadband package too slow for their everyday business needs and of those, 6% experienced technical faults with a further 24% stating connection speeds were o¢en varied and unreliable.

*NB – Poll of 300 SMEs conducted by on behalf of TalkTalk Business. Calculations are made by applying findings from TalkTalk Business’ representative SME poll to The Department for Business Innovation and Skills’ official report (‘SME Statistics for the UK and Regions 2009’ published October 2010) on the total number of SMEs in the UK.

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