Kuehne June 2019

Can I see some ID please?

Are you offending and upsetting customers by the way you ask for ID?

Make sure you create a positive booze-buying experience by following our advice below.

A recent survey* has found that one in five young customers feel embarrassed and intimidated when entering places where alcohol is sold and when asked for ID when purchasing it. The survey also found that one in three youngsters will not return if a business leaves them with a negative impression.

So to avoid scaring away your young customers, try some of the following:

  • Treat them the same as any other customer, don’t act like you already suspect they’re underage.
  • Ask for the ID in a friendly manner that makes it clear you are just doing your job. You could even make a joke about it and turn it into a compliment.
  • If a customer starts to get embarrassed or aggressive do all you can to defuse the situation, and reiterate that you are just abiding by the law.
  • If a customer doesn’t have any ID with them, don’t automatically assume they are underage. Apologise and suggest they go home and come back with their ID.

Take Stock researcher Leah Sandamas is 20 years old and so we asked her for her opinion on this subject.

“I don’t really see it as a big deal; I know I look young and that I’m bound to be asked, so I always know to have my ID on me. I’ve never been offended, and it’s usually more of a surprise when I don’t get asked. It’s pretty well known that all the big stores will ask if you don’t look 25, so I don’t see why people get upset about it – at the end of the day, if you have ID there is no issue. It’s also a compliment too – in ten years time you’ll be wishing they were still asking!

“As long as people do it in a friendly and non-accusatory manner then all is well and good.”

*Source: Market Force survey of 1506 UK consumers aged 18-21.

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