Schwartz September 2019

Sugar, spice and all things nice

Caster sugar is the chef’s friend at any time, but never more so than during the festive months.

Favoured for its consistency, the fine texture means that it dissolves quickly, giving light, smooth results. Ideal for baking, making meringue or using in liquids. Michelle Gillot, one of the UK’s leading pastry chefs, said, “For a pastry chef, caster sugar is the essential store cupboard ingredient. It’s used in pretty much everything because it gives good, reliable results. At this time of year, we need to make sure it’s in plentiful supply as we’ll go through dozens of bags.”

What is caster sugar?

There are two types. Refined is made with sugar cane and has been treated to remove naturally-occurring molasses. Unrefined caster sugar, or golden caster sugar, has not had the molasses removed. Because it hasn’t had this extra stage of processing, it can be seen as a more natural product.

Break out

It’s not just for sweet treats!

  • Use in cranberry sauce to balance out the natural acidity of the fruit
  • It’s the cocktail waiters secret weapon. The speed and ease with which caster sugar dissolves makes it ideal for quickly creating a range of drinks
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