Schwartz September 2019

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What's New - Signature Success - Take Stock magazine

Signature Success

CHEF® has launched a new range of SIGNATURE pastes and liquid seasonings, developed by chefs for chefs. Designed to make it easier for chefs to consistently create their own innovative…

What's New - Dublin Brews - Take Stock magazine

Dublin Brews

Diageo has launched two new beers, both brewed at the Open Gate Brewery in Dublin and both aimed at satisfying continued demand for flavoursome and fun craft ales….

What's New - Side of Opportunity - Take Stock magazine

Side of Opportunity

With the rise of consumers eating on-the-go, and younger consumers seeing sides as a more affordable and healthier alternative to a full meal option, Kerrymaid’s new Cheese Bites couldn’t have been…

What's New - A Crabbie's Classic - Take Stock magazine

A Crabbie Classic

Crabbie’s eight-year-old Scottish single malt highland whisky celebrates the return of John Crabbie & Co and has been developed based on the tasting notes of his original eight-year-old whisky….

What's New - SanPelligreno Sparklers - Take Stock magazine

SanPellegrino Sparklers

SanPellegrino – the UK’s number one branded sparkling water* – has added two completely new flavours to its range. SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit + tea comes in two delicious flavours, peach…

What's New - Yummy Yazoo - Take Stock magazine

Yummy Yazoo

Yazoo is the clear number one UK flavoured milk brand, with growing sales at 11.8% – double the category rate. Not content with this, they’re adding to their range,…

What's New - A Touch of Fruit - Take Stock magazine

Touch of Fruit

Danone’s Touch of Fruit range is available in a 50cl PET format – making them ideal for those grab and go moments. With four flavours to choose from…

Tanqueray Twist

Tanqueray has a new variant – Flor de Sevilla – a unique distilled gin made with blood orange essences and other fine botanicals. Inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes,…

What's New - Premium Pink - Take Stock magazine

Premium Pink

Beefeater London Pink is the latest addition to the Beefeater range, tapping into high demand for flavoured gins. Distilled and crafted in the heart of London, 37.5% ABV Pink fuses…

What's New - To the MAX - Take Stock magazine

To the MAX

Pepsico – owners of Walkers crisps – has launched a new range of ridged potato crisps that pair perfectly with beer. Aimed directly at the on trade, the MAX…