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Cheese to Please

Consumers are more likely to treat themselves, and others, with luxurious and indulgent food choices during the festive season. For those that lack a sweet tooth, an end of dinner Christmas cheeseboard is a much-anticipated treat!

What to serve

Cheese remains a yuletide favourite, so this is the time to be a little more adventurous and ditch ‘run of the mill’ cheddar! The demand for continental and hot eating cheese has soared, so look at having a hot cheese option. Serve in a ceramic baking dish, or for the authentic look, the traditional wooden carton. Eurilait’s baking Camemberts are perfect examples of what’s available and their range of topped Camemberts include Orange Blossom Honey and Thyme Glaze or Caramelised Red Onion Relish.

Top choices

• A rich & oozy classic French Epoisses
• A full flavoured Brie de Meaux
• A creamy, silky-smooth textured Pavé d’Affinois
• Sweet & nutty flavoured Rutland Red
• The lighter, palate-cleansing Soignon goat log

Cheese & wine pairings

• Full flavoured, soft ripened cheeses – Gewürztraminer, Chablis or Sauternes white wines and red Pinot Noir
• Blue cheese – white Bordeaux and red Shiraz
• Cheddar and British territorial aged cheeses – white Burgundy and red Cabernet Sauvignon
• Strong cheese – full bodied reds
• Mature cheese – sweet/dessert wines such as Sauternes and semi-sweet Rieslings

And don’t forget the accompaniments!

• Breadsticks
• French baguette
• Crunchy crackers
• Chutneys & relishes
• Figs & grapes

Why not wrap a wedge of Camembert in smoked streaky bacon and strips of buttered filo pastry, then bake until crisp?

Stilton is still the best cheese for Christmas – it takes six months to mature, so is a treat.


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