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McCain Gastro CU

Chip Off the Old Block

McCain Foods has launched a new Gastro Chip, which it is claiming will help upgrade menus and drive profit.

Made with 100% British potatoes, the Gastro Chip is a chunky, hand-cut style golden brown chip to accompany premium dishes such as fillet steak, seared tuna or slow roast belly of pork. Says marketing manager Donna Rowbottom: “Our research suggests the Gastro Chip could revolutionise meal service for many operators. 

“Preparing quality chips from fresh potatoes is very labour intensive, particularly when large volumes are involved. The study showed that for a kitchen to prepare and serve 12 batches of chips, the process takes just over three hours, while preparing the same amount of Gastro Chips takes just over one hour. This is a huge and potentially very valuable saving for any operator, particularly when considered over the course of a whole week or more.”

Adds Donna: “Gastro Chips will save time, cut waste and deliver increased sales. They will allow caterers to serve premium chips on a consistent basis throughout the year.”

The Gastro Chip is suitable for dual storage (frozen and chilled) and is available in 4 x 2.25kg case size. For further information, visit

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