Kuehne June 2019

Christmas Cocktails

Whether your customers are #Raving or #Behaving this Christmas, make sure you have a cocktail menu that will satisfy the driver and please the partier. We asked Owain George, Master Mixologist and General Manager at Scottys Bar, Tignes, France, and Miles Sharples our resident cocktail expert and author of #MilesMixes to come up with their suggestions for Christmas Cocktails sure to please this festive period.

Mulled wine is a classic tipple over the winter months, but those who don’t drink can miss out. Owain suggests a hot spiced apple alternative:



Serves: 6

Apple juice 1.5 litres pressed
Maple syrup or honey 4 tbsp
Cinnamon sticks 2 to serve
Whole cloves 6
Orange peel of 1
Lemon peel of 1

█ Combine the apple and maple syrup in a large pan and place onto a medium heat.

█ Place remaining ingredients into a muslin cloth and tie together to form a small spice bag. Place the muslin into the pan with the apple juice.

█ Heat the apple juice over a medium heat for 5- 10 minutes, making sure it doesn’t come to the boil.

█ Once the mixture is piping hot remove from the heat, remove the muslin spice bag and your delicious hot cocktail is ready to serve.

█ Place your hot spiced apple into mugs and garnish with a cinnamon stick.



The Espresso Martini

Every partygoer needs a pick me up every now and then, so Miles’ cocktail is a wake up for those looking to dance the night away. This cocktail would be a great alternative to the after dinner coffee.

Vodka 35ml
Chocolate Liqueur 10ml
Espresso shot of
Milk/cream dash of
Sugar syrup 5ml or to taste
Martini glass

█ Fill a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice.

█ Pour the espresso in and shake until ice cold.

█ Prepare your martini glass by filling with ice cubes to ensure the glass is cold.

█ Add Vodka, sugar syrup, a dash of milk and chocolate liqueur to the shaker.

█ Shake well and strain directly into the martini glass.

█ Garnish with chocolate sprinkles and sugar coat the rim of the glass to sweeten.


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