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A Perfect Partnership

Coffee making has long been regarded an art; creating the perfect partnership of coffee and cake is both an art and a science.

Get this right and watch your sales soar.

Britain has seen its coffee lovers revert back to independent coffee shops in a move away from large chains in search of fresh, high-quality coffee. Last year the coffee shop market grew by 7.5 per cent and visits to independent coffee shops for breakfast have also become an increasingly popular trend of late.

Serving high-quality coffee alongside your patisserie selection will keep you on trend and encourage your customers to eat in and spend more. Variety also wins and understanding the best coffee and cake combinations, offering patisserie and coffee selections to suit particular times of the day will keep customers coming back for their favourite combination or to try something new.

Alex Galantino from La Bottega Milanese in Leeds explains that, like coffee, patisserie is “a heightened sensory experience in its own right” and so the two combined is a powerful hook.

He says “Coffee can play as a contrast to provide balance, for example a chocolaty varietal to contrast a very citrusy cake and vice versa. It can also compliment a cake by matching its notes, so if you have a caramel cake, you can also accompany it with coffee with a caramely finish.”

Today, there is a vast selection of coffee blends and roasts that are readily available to ensure you are able to provide your customers with a range of high-quality coffee. Coffee machines are also becoming more commonplace, affordable and efficient. Creating the perfect partnership couldn’t be easier.

Nestlé offers a vast and popular range of coffee blends and coffee machines to suit all your barista needs. Visit the Beverage Solution section at www.nestleprofessional.com/uk for more details.

Winning Cake and Coffee Combos:

Espresso and Almond biscotti

Medium roast espresso and Pain au chocolat

Café au lait and Croissant

Nutty medium blends and Bakewell tart

Strong roast espresso and Ginger cake

Colombian coffee and Carrot cake

Café Latte and Chocolate chip cookies

*Sources: Allegra Strategies

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