Kuehne June 2019
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Confused about Coffee?

Research by the British Coffee Association shows that coffee consumption in the UK has risen to 95 million cups a day, an increase of 25 million in just 10 years.

With around 9.5 million of those being consumed in cafés, bars and restaurants it’s vitally important you have a quality offering for your customers. However, do you know your mocha from your macchiato? Here’s the low down…

The basics

All espresso based drinks share three basic elements – espresso, steamed milk and foam, to which toppings can be added like the chocolate on a cappuccino.

Feeling a little daunted?

Don’t forget there are excellent instant coffees available to help you prepare a great drink, including Nescafé Azera options of Americano, Americano Decaf, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte!

Dessert idea!


Pour a single or double shot of espresso over a tumbler glass of vanilla ice cream.



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