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As an independent business, you will certainly find that you have to dedicate a lot of your time to maximising direct booking and increasing your revenue.  TripAdvisor have launched an efficient platform to make obtaining these objectives easier for you.

The new platform, TripAdvisor Connect will allow independent businesses to access the features that have originally only been available to chains and major online travel agencies.  You must already be subscribed to TripAdvisor’s Business Listings or become a subscriber to take advantage of this exciting new opportunity.

The new feature will allow you to post a link onto your Trip Advisor profile which will drive traffic directly to your bookings page and thus help to maximise your sales and boost your revenue.  You will be able to manage your online promotions directly, giving you greater control and feedback.

With the new tools you will be able to analyse advertising results and encourage more user reviews, which is what will help increase your TripAdvisor rating and increase your engagement with potential customers.  This highly-anticipated launch is scheduled to happen between September and December.

For more information please visit: or email  To sign up, please visit:

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