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Continental Cuisine

Most menus have been influenced by, or include a foreign dish. In honour of our love of food, helped by the inspiration and delight other countries add to our culinary cuisine, we asked three chefs from Europe to share (and woo) us with their signature dish.

Taste of Italia

Domenico Maggi is the Ambassador of Apulian cooking. With over 40 years’ experience, the award-winning chef is renowned around the world for his expertise in Italian cooking, especially cuisines from his southern region of Puglia. He was the captain of Italy’s NationalTeam of Culinary Art, has contributed to the cookery books Il Buffet Secondo L’Etoile and Tapas, and now teaches at the Perotti Professional High School for Hotel and Restaurant Services in Bari. “I focus on experimenting with innovative cooking techniques and on exalting traditional flavours,” says Domenico. “I’m partial to locally grown and made produce that can be made into refined dishes. This dish I have chosen is a traditional one rich with flavors and colours. It is easy to prepare and perfect for this season. Buon Appetito!”

Find his recipe here.

Swedish Delight

Johan Malml, 29, is the owner and head chef at Restaurant Gabriel, situated in the Fish Church, Gothenburg. Opened by his father, Gunnar 30 years ago, Johan, who won the World Oyster Champion 2010, still cooks in the traditional way and the lemon sole dish was created by his father and is one of his favourites. “All seafood and fish are in their best season during winter in the cold water and you can really see a difference in the quality,“ explains Johan. “This is what I prefer to cook at this time of year as you really do not need to add much more – just let the fish speak for itself. But, you do need to serve a good sauce. A dish without a sauce is like a person without a soul!”

Find his recipe here.

French Fancy

Bertrand Grébaut is one of Paris’ most talented young chefs, earning his first Michelin star at the age of 27. He owns restaurant Septime in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, which was ranked amongst the World’s 50 Best Restaurants this year. He also owns Septime La Cave, and has recently opened Clamato, a seafood and oyster bar. Pot au feu is a traditional recipe in French households during the winter months. It can be as fancy or as simple as you like, but the base ingredients usually involve three different cuts of beef and a variety of winter vegetables.

Find his recipe here.

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