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Raw; what is it good for?

Absolutely everything, according to the Cook it Raw community.

If you consider yourself to be an avant-garde chef, read on. Or if you simply love what you do, want new inspiration, and an opportunity to share your own ideas, then please read on also.

The Cook it Raw group is looking to broaden its network and develop relationships with more chefs so as to continue finding new exciting ideas and experiments in the world of cooking.

The visionary group offers like-minded chefs an opportunity to travel annually around the world, in order to learn from each other and local experts about creating new dishes from the raw ingredients found in the chosen area. In past events the group has visited, and drawn inspiration from, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Finland and Japan. They have produced dishes made from Polish potatoes rather than flour, experimented with Kaburazushi -traiditonal fermented food from Japan and discovered the use of Italian wild herbs like ‘white deadnettle’.

The events last for five days and the main concern is about how the use of food can address social, cultural and environmental issues. They allow chefs the freedom to cook, learn and create, as well as fail -for once! It also aims to set up collaborations between chefs from different backgrounds to encourage cultural and creative exchanges. All in the name of good food and the future of innovative cuisine.

Raw, locally sourced ingredients are becoming more and more common place, and we discuss how you can become more self-sufficient, and economical, in our recent article, Grow Your Own.  Planting your own seeds and vegetables or sourcing raw ingredients like wild garlic can add an interesting touch to your menus.

Cook it Raw’s founder, Alessandro Porcelli has this month released a book, of the same name, which is about the activities from previous events and discusses the ideas behind Cook it Raw.



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