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The VarioCooking Center MULTIFI CIENCY from French catering experts Frima is a revolutionary single unit which boils, sears, pressure cooks and deep fries all food to the highest professional standards.

And its maker’s claims are impressive, starting with the Center’s ability to cook everything three times quicker and use 40% less energy than conventional units.

Perhaps their boldest claim is that the Center’s combination of uniform heat transfer and automatic baskets means NOTHING will EVER overcook, scorch or boil over – including milk!

This is apparently due to built-in heat monitoring systems which maintain temperature to within one degree and adapt the heating or lift baskets according to the needs of what’s actually in them.

One advantage is the ability to slow-cook overnight completely unsupervised, which of course means saving that rare and valuable commodity – time in a busy kitchen.

So any stew can be left to its own devices during the dark – freeing up daytime hours for greater productivity – and reducing worktime stress.

For more sensitive foods, searing heat is available in just a few seconds and the temperatures delivered beat conventional tilting pans by 40%.

A benefit of the high temps is that because less juices seep from meats, that can reduce the use of raw ingredients by up to 20%.

The Center’s easy-clean design saves time when batch cooking and the layout takes up less kitchen space than traditional independent units.

As time is money, this can help save cash as well as bruises, burns and raised voices!

The Center is simple to operate, with clear and ‘blinking-obvious’ controls and logical construction for swift and economic cleaning.

The Center immediately replaces the need for pots and pans, and also provides the brains that make it impossible to burn food.

It can be cleaned with just two litres of water and standard detergents!

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