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Relish in the flavour

Relishes, jams and chutneys are the flavoursome treats that often go unnoticed on the dinner table, yet they add so much to a mouthful.

They provide the perfect accompaniment to a range of delights, including cheese, ham and crackers.

It appears however, that things are moving on – especially in the chutney world. It would be fair to comment that mango chutney is the go-to delight when looking for something to dip your papadums in, but that may be changing.

Chutney flavours are getting more and more inventive, and Take Stock got to experience this first hand. A delivery of gorgeous chutneys and relishes from FATJAX kept us happy for quite a while. FATJAX was set up by chefs Robert and Paul who have over 50 years combined experience in professional kitchens.

They have developed a range of cheeky chutneys, ravishing relishes, delectable dressings and serious sauces for you to enjoy – all which incorporate unusual and exotic flavours.

We tried sweet red onion & chilli, hot smoked tomato & pepper relishes along with Bengali pineapple and peach & ginger chutneys. Take Stock’s favourite was the Bengali pineapple chutney.

Chutneys and relishes are a great addition to any restaurant, and you could offer them with breadsticks or crackers as something for diners to nibble on while they await their meal.

Incorporating chutneys into main courses is also a great way to vary flavours and spice up a traditional staple.

FATJAX’s hot smoked tomato and pepper relish will add a delicious amount of smokiness to a bolognese sauce. For the recipe click here. 

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