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Crazy for Coffee

The value of the coffee shops market is estimated to have grown by 7.3% in 2018 and is now worth £3.75 billion in value* making beverages a key profit opportunity for those operators that get it right.

“In recent years we have become a nation of coffee lovers and coffee aficionados,” says Chris Stemman, executive director of the British Coffee Association. “Coffee culture has exploded across the UK and we now drink 95 million cups every day, with the average customer drinking three cups of coffee each week from a coffee shop.”

Why the love?

There are a number of reasons for the growth in popularity. Firstly, we now have many more varieties of coffee available, so consumer tastes have developed and become more sophisticated. Coffee drinkers are very interested in the different taste profiles of brews from different origins and they are happy to spend more on quality coffee.


Set the bar high

From cappuccinos and cortados to macchiatos and mochas, today’s coffee choices are endless and consumers are experts, with a high level of expectation when it comes to their coffee experience. For operators trying to meet these high standards, help is at hand with equipment and products becoming more sophisticated, yet easier to use. One example of this is Barista Milk, which has been specifically developed to help deliver the ultimate long-lasting frothy coffee. “No matter the time pressures, staff experience or equipment available, operators can create great tasting, frothy coffees that will last right until the bottom of the cup,” explains Paul Chmielewski, head of marketing & international at Lakeland Dairies. “Barista Milk’s foaming capabilities means operators are guaranteed a smooth, dense and long-lasting frothy beverage every time it’s used. What’s more, this new generation of milk can be foamed and re-foamed, and is enhanced to ensure a consistent foam texture is guaranteed every time.” Containing just 1% fat, Barista Milk is suitable for use in all barista style coffee machines and can be stored ambient until opened. It also reduces the wastage associated with using fresh milk, helping to boost the bottom line.

What’s trending?

“The younger generations and millennials are shaping the future of coffee consumption,” explains Chris Stemman. “Of paramount importance to this is their demand that great tasting coffee be served conveniently, and with the younger generations also growing up in a time that has finally put environmental sustainability at the heart of societies’ principles, the coffee has to be ethically produced. The more that this embeds across all industries around the world, the better the future will be for all of us.”

Celebrate the love

UK Coffee Week (29 April-5 May) presents a great opportunity for operators to celebrate the love for coffee through having fun, raising revenue and giving something back. The event is a massive player for the industry and presents outlets with the perfect opportunity to experiment and brew up some memorable cups. From serving new and different types of coffee; hosting a coffee cocktail evening or latte art class, or donating 5 pence (or more!) of every cup of coffee sold during the week to charity, there is something for both your regular and new customers to enjoy. Make sure you shout about the event on your social media pages prior to the event and during it.

Perfect to celebrate St Patrick’s Day to mark the end of an evening on a high note, Irish coffees are a must-have for your menu! The cocktail of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, then topped with cream is simple, delicious and a pure indulgence.

Source: British Coffee Association

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