Schwartz September 2019

Pump up your profits with DaVinci

Capitalising on the booming cafe culture trend, Holdsworth has launched a range of premium drinks syrups.

Made by the DaVinci Gourmet brand, flavours that Holdsworth offers include caramel, vanilla, strawberry, hazelnut and cinnamon together with a premium chocolate mix. After a decade of rapid growth, there seems to be no end to the rise of the cafe culture coffee trend. At present, Allegra estimates that it is growing seven to eight times faster than the British economy. As Esther Trevethick of Holdsworth says: “These syrups provide a real opportunity for caterers to create their own signature drinks. Not only can they ensure you stand out from the competition but they can increase your profits by up to 80% as customers are willing to pay more for a flavoured beverage.”

Originating from Seattle, the home of cafe culture, DaVinci Gourmet is an expert in flavour, creating syrups that complement the natural taste, aroma and texture of coffee. With hot beverages being popular all year round, caterers can also create seasonal specials with the syrups

With summer approaching, you can create a wide range of cool drinks. In addition to an iced flavoured coffee such as an iced caramel frappe, why not consider offering a vanilla skakerato or a strawberries and cream shake?

For more information on the range or for recipe suggestions contact your telesales representative.
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