Kuehne June 2019

Delizioso Desserts!

Ticco Foods Ltd has updated its premium Italian Bindi desserts by launching some new tasty treats.

Two crostata desserts, traditional Italian baked tarts with delicious sweet fillings, are now available from the specialist foodservice group. The Crostata Albicocca (apricot tart) is a short crust pastry with a fruity apricot filling and the Crostata Cioccolato (chocolate tart) is made with rich chocolate filling. A single portion includes the Tartella Limone Flambé monoporzione, the individual meringue Meringa, the indulgent Ricotta e Cioccolato (ricotta and chocolate) and the Sacher (chocolate sponge and sweet apricot filling). Gianfranco Perri, sales and commercial director at TICCO Foods Ltd said: “We’re excited to launch our updated range of Bindi desserts for 2014, which focus on our classic Italian flavour combinations, with a greater focus on convenience of serving. We have made these changes based on customer feedback, and are confident that this year’s range is bigger and better than ever, with a different treat to tempt every customer.”

For more information visit www.ticco.co.uk

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