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Devilish Treats

Devilish Treats

Halloween and Bonfire Night present two great opportunities to increase footfall. Both events are growing in popularity – especially Halloween – and are all about good, family fun. So, take a look at your food menu and see how a few minor alterations could see your sales soar.

What to do?
Halloween falls on a Tuesday, and gives operators the chance to boost a normally quiet night. Depending on the type of outlet you have, why not have a Halloween party for adults – students especially – or offer an early bird menu to appeal to families who want a spooky-themed tea! Why not even suggest they come in fancy dress? Family-friendly Bonfire Night is on a Sunday this year – make the most of the work-free day and start the celebrations mid-afternoon. Offer games for the children or provide entertainment until the fire is lit. Read our feature on holding and organising a firework display takestockmagazine.com/bonfire-night-safety.

What to serve?Crispy treats
Tweak your normal menu for each event or have a special bespoke menu serving quick and easy to eat, party-type food.
Get spooky – add some spooky fun to Halloween by changing a dish’s name – not only will it bring fun to the evening it will result in higher customer satisfaction and a return visit. Think ‘bat wings’ for chicken wings and ‘witches fingers’ for chicken goujons, ‘chilli with eye-popping beans’, ‘spooky sausages’ and ‘blood-curdling burgers’! Red colouring and tomato sauces also make great ‘blood’ and decorations can transform a dish.
Blast off – jacket potatoes and pies and peas are a must for Bonfire Night, however, pulled pork, burgers and cider-glazed hotdogs (for adults only) all work equally as well. And don’t forget the treacle toffee, toffee apples and parkin for dessert!

Cash in
Chips are the most ordered items on a pub menu, with both events giving you a chance to cash in by offering curly fries, wedges, twisters, sweet potato fries or the ever popular chip. Add a premium price offer of cheesy chips or seasoned wedges with a dip. Other popular sides include garlic bread, nachos, tear and share bread with oils and onion rings.

Take Stock brings you four recipes courtesy of Lyle’s Golden Syrup® to help ignite sales for these important autumn events… Old Man’s Bones, Sausage Rockets, Popcorn Toffee Apples and Ghostly Mallow Flapjacks

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