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Don’t be soft!

Christmas is traditionally a time for drinking – but it’s not all about sherry!

The soft drinks market is worth over £2.7bn, with consumers last year spending 33% more than average in the four-weeks running up to the big day than any other time, according to market data supplier CGA. “People spend more at Christmas, and the soft drinks category is the third largest after beer and spirits, making it an integral category to drive sales,” says Andrew Boyd, commercial director for Leisure at Britvic. Take Stock looks at how stocking soft drinks will not only put a sparkle in your consumers tipple – but your profits too!

Party time

With the increase in trade it’s key you cater for all the needs of your consumers. Stocking a wider and alternative selection of adult soft drinks is essential so you are able to meet the demands of those not drinking, groups who want to share pitchers, and those looking for a livelier tonic to spice up their alcohol drink.

Fancy a bite?

Maximise soft drink sales by promoting them alongside food. Creating food and drink menus that complement each other drive interest from consumers and help to make their visit more of an occasion.

Take a break

Consumers shop like crazy in the run up to Christmas, so target thirsty shoppers and promote a ‘drink break’. Entice them in for a quick refuel before they re-hit the shops!

Family time

Christmas is all about the kids and nearly a fifth of soft drinks are consumed by them. Make sure you stock products predominantly aimed at the younger market. Juice drinks, squashes, pure juice, and lower sugar options will increase family dwell time and spend.

Customer satisfaction

Refills and upsizing is a customer pleaser and profit maker. Consumers think they are getting more value for their money which leads to repeat visits and increase spend.

Be visual

Don’t just keep soft drinks in the fridge behind the bar. Display them in a visible spot which will catch the attention of the consumer, and tell staff to recommend them.

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