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Delicious Doughnuts!

Who doesn’t love a doughnut?

Ring shaped, solid with jam or simply glazed, the deep-fried doughy delight is a hit with customers young and old. With National Doughnut Week (10 – 17 May), this is the perfect time to let them indulge – without the guilt!

Here’s a few doughnut varieties to help you mix it up and not get doughed down.

  • Cruller: A twisted fried doughnut, either ring shaped, or a long straight strip
  • Paczki: Flat, round and glazed, this jam-filled doughnut is of Polish origin with a richer dough than normal
  • Cider: Apple cider in the batter mix along with cinnamon and nutmeg, then coated in sugar or cinnamon-sugar
  • Doughnut sundae: Use a doughnut as the base for an ice cream sundae
  • Churros: Long, ridged sticks of dough fried until crisp and sprinkled with sugar. Plain ones are served with thick, rich chocolate sauce for dipping
  • Loukoumades: Deep-fried dough balls popular in Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, served in a sweet honey-based or sugar-based syrup
  • Beavertail: A wide, flat doughnut rolled out and stretched before frying, and then smothered with chocolate

But, if you want to stick to tradition, Andy Chan, sous chef at The Castle, Taunton shows you how to make a classic doughnut here.

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